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Magnificent World of Wheels

If you can't use any of the million horsepower your vehicle has to go on the road, it doesn't matter.

Tires and wheels are very crucial. If you can’t use any of the million horsepower your vehicle has to go on the road, it doesn’t matter. Wheels are important not just for performance reasons, but we also believe that the visual impact of well-designed rims is often overlooked.

Did you realize that chrome stainless lip wheels can update an old set of rims before exploring all the many wheel options available? Don’t give up if your rims still work but appear a bit worn out. Look into our Rim Repair service; it could be precisely what you want.

It’s thrilling to select a new set of wheels, but you should make sure you do your homework before deciding. Here is a quick explanation of the various wheel kinds and the reasons you might be interested in each.


Typically, steel wheels, or “steelies,” are selected. Get yourself a pair of steelies if you want something dependable, functional, and affordable. Although inexpensive and practical, steel wheels have several significant disadvantages that you should be aware of before choosing this low-cost alternative.

The weight of steel wheels is its main drawback. Steel has a poor strength-to-weight ratio while being robust, therefore adding steel wheels can negatively impact your car’s handling, acceleration, and peak speed. Except for fuel efficiency, the majority of people won’t notice these performance variations, but those who love to drive should consider spending more money on a better vehicle.

concave wheels with lip
concave wheels with lip


For drivers who only want the best, they are appropriate. Since an “alloy” is only a combination of metals, you may expect to find a wide range of mixes, each with unique characteristics and costs. You can explore the many kinds of alloys in-depth, but this article will take a more comprehensive approach.

Aluminum is useful to make the great majority of alloy wheels since it is significantly lighter than steel. To make the aluminum used in your alloys stronger, you may add several kinds of metal, such as titanium, nickel, magnesium, etc.


This category confuses a lot of individuals. Since chrome is a soft metal, it would be disastrous to make chrome wheels entirely of chrome. Because it can be polished to a mirror-like brightness, chrome is used as a coating on wheels to offer a layer of protection. Because chrome is a soft metal, polishing it is simple and results in a beautiful shine.

Chrome is a fantastic method to add some glitter to cheap wheels and provides your car with a striking appearance. Remember that chrome is heavy, therefore the performance benefits of lighter wheels might swiftly offset by a chrome finish.


It is impossible to discuss concave wheels with lip without bringing up spinners. Everyone has seen them in vintage music videos; perhaps you were even fortunate enough to witness a group of spinners passing by in an antique Cadillac. An add-on for wheels that are just useful for decoration is spinners.


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