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Bead Lock Rims

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For a standard wheel, the only thing keeping the tire bead and rim is tire inflation pressure. Beadlock rims wheel differs from a regular wheel in that it depends on a set of bolts that when tightened. Create a clamping force that presses against the beadlock ring, mechanically clamping and sealing the tire’s outer bead to the wheel.

Reasons It’s Not On The Road

The primary benefit of beadlock rims over conventional wheels is the maintenance of the tire-wheel seal regardless of inflation pressure. This feature is helpful for off-road use. As it allows for the use of lower inflation pressures to increase traction. By expanding the tire contact patch on loose surfaces and lessening ride harshness on rough terrain by lowering the tire’s effective spring rate.

Why Choose Us As Your Beadlock Rims Manufacturer

Nexus Wheel is a chief beadlock rims producer that conveys superior execution rough terrain wheels for devotees and experts. Our rims are carefully made utilizing progressed design methods, guaranteeing strength and ideal execution in tough landscapes. Each edge goes through thorough testing to satisfy rigid quality guidelines.

Intending for rough terrain aficionados, our best mag wheels offer predominant footing and dependability. Permitting drivers to air down tires for upgrade grasp without compromising security or tire maintenance.

We offer a scope of customization choices, including different sizes, gets done, and plans. Permitting clients to customize their edges for a one-of-a-kind rough terrain experience. We offer edges that are working to endure testing rough terrain conditions. Developing from excellent materials, they offer extraordinary sturdiness, influence opposition, and unwavering quality during outrageous undertakings.


What are bead lock rims?
Bead lock rims are specialized wheels designed with an outer ring or bolts to secure the tire bead tightly against the wheel, preventing tire dislodgement or “unseating” during extreme off-road conditions.
How do bead lock rims work?
Bead lock rims use an additional ring or series of bolts that clamp the tire bead against the wheel, creating a secure seal to prevent the tire from shifting or coming off the rim, especially in low tire pressure situations.
Where are bead lock rims commonly used?
Bead lock rims are frequently used in off-road vehicles, including trucks, SUVs, and dune buggies, for activities such as rock crawling, mud bogging, desert racing, and other extreme off-road applications.
Do bead lock rims require special tires?
Bead lock rims can be used with specific tires designed to fit and function with bead lock technology. These tires usually have reinforced sidewalls to withstand the clamping force exerted by the bead lock.
What are the benefits of bead lock rims?
The primary benefit of bead lock rims is enhanced tire security in off-road conditions, reducing the risk of tire bead separation, which can occur at low tire pressures and during extreme maneuvers.

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