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12inch ATV alloy wheels

Model: H191
Material: A356.2 Aluminum
Size: 12*6.0
ET: 35
Hole&PCD: 4*100-110
CB: 57.1-71
Finish: Gloss black/Machine face
Package: Carton
MOQ: 100PCS per mold
Delivery: 30-45days
Port: Ningbo, Shanghai port
Certificate: TS16949, VIA, JWL



Upgrade your ATV’s performance and style with our 12inch regular casting alloy wheels for aftermarket.

Experience the best of both worlds with our trusted quality TS16949, VIA, JWL standards certified 12inch ATV alloy wheels. Our wheels are designed for ATV enthusiasts who want to upgrade their ride’s look and performance without compromising safety. The regular casting process ensures uniformity and strength for smooth and stable rides on any terrain. Whether you’re into intense off-roading or casual riding, our wheels can handle it all. The sleek design doesn’t just add style points, but also improves maneuverability and steering response. Trust us for your ATV wheel needs and transform your ride today.


12inch ATV alloy wheels 12inch ATV alloy wheels

12inch ATV alloy wheels 12inch ATV alloy wheels



    1. What sizes and PCD do this wheel can be made?


    1. What’s MOQ for production?

    The MOQ per mold is 100pcs, and the MOQ per part number is 40pcs.

    1. What testing standard can this design meet?

    It can meet DOT, SAE,VIA, JWL testing standard.

    1. What kinds of finish this style can be made?

    Black full painting, black machine face.

    1. How many days for the production?

    For full painting, it usually take 30days~45days, and extra 15days will be needed for chrome finish.

12inch ATV alloy wheels

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