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20×14 offroad wheels

Material:A356.2 Aluminum
Finish:Gloss black/red milling
MOQ:100PCS per mold
Port:Ningbo, Shanghai port
Certificate:TS16949, VIA, JWL



These delicate offroad wheels come with the unique feature of red milling and an exposed small cap, making them perfect for trucks with multiple holes like 5H, 6H and 8H.

Get ready to hit the offroad with style with our 20×14 offroad wheels! The carefully crafted design of these wheels features a delicate and eye-catching pattern that will make your truck stand out from the crowd. What makes this product even more unique is the red milling that can be made to add a splash of color and personality to your vehicle, giving it a unique look that reflects your own personal style. But it’s not just about looks – we’ve also designed these wheels with practicality in mind. The exposed small cap that comes with these wheels offers easy maintenance and cleaning. No more struggling to reach the small crevices between your rims! One of the best features of these wheels is that they are suitable for multiple holes like 5H, 6H and 8H, meaning they can be applied to many different types of trucks. This flexibility, combined with their durability and rugged design, makes them the perfect choice for truck owners who want to take their vehicle off the beaten path. Overall, our 20×14 offroad wheels are not just a smart purchase – they’re also a great conversation starter! So why not add a little humor and personality to your ride, and choose our unique offroad wheels for your next adventure?


20×14 offroad wheels 20×14 offroad wheels

20×14 offroad wheels 20×14 offroad wheels



  1. What sizes do this wheel can be made?


  1. What’s MOQ for production?

The MOQ per mold is 100pcs, and the MOQ per part number is 40pcs.

  1. What testing standard can this design meet?

It can meet DOT, SAE,VIA, JWL testing standard.

  1. What kinds of finish this style can be made?

Black painting or milling.

  1. How many days for the production?

For full painting, it usually take 30days~45days, and extra 15days will be needed for chrome finish.

20×14 offroad wheels

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