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Kia optima wheels

Model: 8055
Material: A356.2 Aluminum
Size: 15*5.5/15*6.0/16*6.5/17*6.5
ET: 35-49
Hole&PCD: 4*100
CB: 54.0
Finish: Gloss black/Machine face
Package: Carton
MOQ: 60PCS per mold
Delivery: 30-45days
Port: Ningbo, Shanghai port
Certificate: TS16949, VIA, JWL



Upgrade your KIA Optima with the latest gravity casting model wheels for stability & economy. Fast delivery and JWL standard quality assured.

These new KIA Optima wheels are a gravity casting model and will give you a fresh new look while ensuring great stability and fuel efficiency. They are made with VIA JWL standard quality, which means that you can trust them to be reliable and long-lasting. With fast delivery, you won’t have to wait long to enjoy the benefits of these exciting new wheels. So, whether you need to replace a damaged wheel or just want to give your car a fresh look, these KIA Optima wheels are the perfect fit. Don’t let outdated wheels bring you down – switch to our gravity casting model and improve both your car’s performance and its appearance!

Kia optima wheels Kia optima wheels

Kia optima wheels Kia optima wheels



  1. What sizes and PCD do this wheel can be made?


  1. What’s MOQ for production?

The MOQ per mold is 100pcs, and the MOQ per part number is 40pcs.

  1. What testing standard can this design meet?

It can meet DOT, SAE,VIA, JWL testing standard.

  1. What kinds of finish this style can be made?

Black full painting, black machine face.

  1. How many days for the production?

For full painting, it usually take 30days~45days, and extra 15days will be needed for chrome finish.

Kia optima wheels

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